Sustainability Policy

General Information

Vaqueiros is committed to running a modern and sustainable business.  Our sustainability policy ensures compliance with environmental legislation and conservation of natural resources by responsible use of energy and water.  This, together with a commitment to purchase as much as they can from companies based in Yorkshire, whenever possible, maintains food quality with minimum impact on the local environment.

The additional benefits for other Yorkshire businesses, by purchasing locally, are support of the local economy and provision of sustainable local employment.

We work closely with other local businesses to our mutual benefit, including cross merchandising our services with local B&B’s, holiday cottages, wine merchants and local taxi firms.  We welcome any ideas from guests which may help us be more environmentally friendly, while not affecting our diner’s enjoyment

Reducing Waste and Recycling.

Our style of menu enables us to keep waste to a minimum. We then recycle as much as possible any, unavoidable, waste. Initiatives employed include:

  • Recycling ink cartridges, batteries and energy saving light bulbs.
  • Paper, cardboard, bottles, tins and some plastics are collected separately and recycled via the Council Recycling collection service.
  • Water Management
  • Energy Management
  • Composting of food waste
  • Use of our own allotment for fruit and vegetables
  • Customer Communications
  • Wine bottle corks and cardboard packaging donated to Cornwall Scrap Store for use within creative art by schools and other organisations.

Water Management

Staff are encouraged to conserve water, turn off taps to avoid unnecessary waste, economy cycles used on dish washing machines.

Energy Management

Staff are encouraged to turn off lights when not needed, dimmer lights are used throughout the restaurant.  Low energy bulbs used wherever possible, LED low energy lights used to illuminate window and menu display.

Vaqueiros’ Allotment

Unfortunately, as we are a town centre restaurant we do not have our own garden attached to the building.  We do have an allotment and are able to take green waste there for composting.  Egg shells are dried and broken to provide a soil nutrient and slug deterrent to protect our plants.
We have tried experimental planting of unusual vegetables to be able to offer customers a different experience.  So far we have had success with baby carrots and turnip’s, purple, yellow and white carrots as well as the more familiar vegetable and fruits, beans, strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants.

Customer Communications

Email is the primary method of written communication to save paper.
We use electronic methods of marketing communication such as mail chimp e-newsletters to keep in touch with our customers.

Supporting our Local Economy and Community

Regular fundraising events have enabled us to support local charities.
For more information about our Charity Policy and current charitable projects, go to Charities on this website.


They live locally and their journey into work has minimum impact on the environment as they live close enough to be able to walk.

We also train young, local people, who start here with little or no work experience and leave with transferrable skills for future employment, plus an increased personal confidence.

Think Local

We use local labour and materials for the restaurant’s ongoing maintenance.
We are fortunate to be located in York City Centre which has excellent transport links and park and ride facilities.  We encourage our guests to make return visits and recommend local accommodation providers for those wishing to enjoy a break in the area.
We are passionate about sharing this experience with our diners, at the same time minimising our impact on the environment by our sustainability policy, use of  local produce, energy efficiency and employment of local people we make a positive contribution to the local economy.