Proud To Be Authentically Brazilian

Vaqueiros serves in the traditional Brazilian style with our experienced Passadores carving the finest cuts of meat at your table continuously throughout your visit. If you have a preference to the way your meat is cooked please let our Passadores know and they will bring the cuts of meat to your tastes specially for you.

Rodizio Meats

Selecting the right cut of beef is of great importance here at Vaqueiros, we have listed some key characteristics of each cut
of beef below. Don’t forget there is also chicken, pork, lamb and chicken hearts.

Alcatra – Rump

Alcatra is a firm favourite with Brazilians due to its taste and texture. It’s a solid cut of meat which is very much sought after in Brazil. Alcatra is a prime cut of steak, it has a far superior flavour to even fillet steak, however is not as tender as a fillet or sirloin. Alcatra is so flavoursome because its surrounded by a cap of fat which naturally flavours the meat whilst it’s been barbequed.

Maminha – Rump Tail

Maminha is a delicate, juicy cut with a mild flavor, it is considered the most juicy part of the rump but is not as tender as the Picanha or Alcatra.

Picanha – Cap of Rump

Picanha is the most popular cut in Brazilian rodizio’s. This cut of beef is famous around the world. We highly recommend Picanha it combines the best elements of all the other cuts, it’s soft and tasty and guaranteed to satisfy every meat lover.

Contra Filé – Sirloin

One of the most well-known cuts in the world. The sirloin comes from the upper middle of the cow. This is a part of the cow that doesn’t do as much as, say, the shoulder, so it is very tender, well-marbled with fat and very tasty.

Filé Mignon – Fillet

Filé Mignon is the leanest and most tender of all our meats, because it’s a naturally lean cut, it’s not as flavoursome as Picanha, Maminha, Alcatra and Fraudinha.

Fraldinha – Flank

Fraudinha is a steak from the flank of a cow. It’s our most flavoursome cut of meat and extremely popular in Brazil, especially the gaucho style of barbeque which is how we cook our meat. Because it comes from flank of the cow it has more texture than a cut which comes from an area of the cow which doesn’t work as hard.

Carne con Pimenta - Chilli / Garlic Beef

A speciality to Vaqueiros., we marinate selected meats in a chilli / garlic paste for up to 24 hours, we then barbeque it and serve you.

It's Not All Meat Here...

We also serve traditional Brazilain fish, seafood and vegetarian dishes if your preference is not the meat. 

Salad Bar

All main dishes are accompanied by an unlimited salad bar which includes authentic Brazilian side dishes to complement your meal.


Before the meal is complete, we serve traditional Brazilian desserts and a fantastic selection of coffees and liquors to finish off the meal.