The Rise of The Brazilian Rodizio


Whether you’re well-travelled or just have an expansive array of takeaways where you live, you have probably tried pretty much all types of cuisine from Indian and Chinese to Mexican and Italian. But now, there’s a new kid on the block. It’s time to make room in your selection of dishes, because this is the rise of the Brazilian Rodizio.


But the question is, what is it?


Fundamentally, a Brazilian Rodizio is a steakhouse… Brazilian style! Rodizio is a system used in restaurants in Brazil where meat is cooked in a churrasco (barbeque) style and offered bountifully to diners throughout their meal. While the method of cooking meat over an open fire may be bygone, it produces the tastiest flavours and makes Brazilian Rodizio all the more intriguing!


For those of you who have not experienced a Rodizio, it works like this: Diners are given a card which is green on one side and red on the other, the green side means you would like more meat and the red side means you’re having a break or are finished with the meal. Passadores walk around the restaurant with skewers of various types of cuts of meat (such as beef, chicken and lamb) and, upon seeing your green card, slice your selected meat for you at the table. This relaxed style of service also allows you to ask for a different cut of meat to that which the passadore is offering, or if you prefer your steak cooked more well done, medium or rare, just ask!


The flavoursome meat is accompanied by a fresh and unlimited array of authentic Brazilian side dishes and salads which you collect from an all-you-can-eat buffet. All of which can be washed down with a Brazilian cocktail (or two!) and finished off with a delicious homemade Brazilian dessert.


The food is sourced to be of the highest quality and when accompanied by the authentic feel from the activity and noise of the restaurant, make this style of cuisine an increasingly popular choice all over the world. So, it’s time for you to grab your roomiest trousers and experience the ultimate taste and feel of Brazilian cuisine at our York restaurant.


The Vaqueiros team are all experienced Rodizio servers and will welcome you into the restaurant as though it is their home. You can be sure to enjoy your visit and any questions you may have during your visit will be gladly answered by the friendly team. We look forward to welcoming you to experience a true taste of Brazil with us!


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