Selecting the right cut of beef is of great importance here at Vaqueiros, and to help you choose the right cut for you we have listed some key characteristics of each below.


(1) Alcatra – Rump
Alcatra is a firm favourite with Brazilians due to its taste and texture. It’s a solid cut of meat which is very much sought after in Brazil.

Alcatra is a prime cut of steak, it has a far superior flavour to even fillet steak, however is not as tender as a fillet or sirloin. Alcatra is so flavoursome because its surrounded by a cap of fat which naturally flavours the meat whilst it’s been barbequed.

(2) Maminha – Rump Tail
Maminha is a delicate, juicy cut with a mild flavor, it is considered the most tender part of the rump, and it is better appreciated when roasted, in barbecues or grilled.

(3) Picanha – Cap of Rump
Picanha is the most popular cut in rodizio’s in Brazil. This cut of beef is famous around the world. Often described as the mother of rodizio’s. We highly recommend this cut as it combines the best elements of all the other cuts. Picanha is soft and tasty and guaranteed to satisfy every meat lover.

(4) Ponta de Filé – Ribeye
An old classic, rib eye comes, as the name suggests, from a cow’s rib section. It has a wonderful rich flavour and is very tender. Because there are pockets of fat in the steak, it’s very flavorsome when barbequed.

(5) Contra Filé – Sirloin
Sirloin is one of the most well-known cuts in the world. The sirloin comes from the upper middle of the cow. This is a part of the cow that doesn’t do as much as, say, the shoulder, so it is very tender and well-marbled with fat and very tasty.

(6) Filé Mignon – Fillet
Filé Mignon is the leanest and most tender of all our meats. However, because it’s a naturally lean cut, it’s not as flavoursome as Picanha, Maminha, Alcatra and Fraudinha.

(7) Fraudinha – Brevet
Fraudinha is a steak from the flank of a cow. It’s our most flavoursome cut of meat and extremely popular in Brazil, especially the gaucho style of barbeque which is how we cook our meat. Because it comes from flank of the cow it has more texture than a cut which comes from an area of the cow which doesn’t work as hard. As the meat is so flavoursome we only season with a small amount of salt.

(8) Costela de Vaca – Beef Ribs
Unlike pork ribs, beef ribs have less fat and are becoming increasingly popular in Brazilian cuisine. This cut can be slightly tougher than other steak cuts, however it also offers great flavour.

Service at Vaqueiros

Your visit to us starts with a trip to our fresh salad bar, featuring freshly cooked authentic dishes such as:- salpicão (pulled chicken salad), feijoada (black bean stew), farofa (cassava flower seasoned with Brazilian spices) as well as continental cured meats, cured cheese wheel, marinated olives, bread, homemade stew, rice and freshly prepared homemade salads. Don’t forget, you can visit the salad bar as many times as you like during your visit.

Once you’re ready to experience our traditional Brazilian cooked meats, you control the service. On your table, you’ll find a double-sided card. The green side indicates to our passadores to bring out our freshly barbequed meat skewers one by one to your table. The red side indicates that you’re having a rest. Simply flip your card back to green, whenever you’d like to resume service, or if you’re full, leave it on red.

You can use the card to control service to your own pace, there’s no rush and we want you to enjoy every moment with us.

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